Like sleeping on a cloud

Incredibly comfortable, bouncy, supportive, cooling, and shape contouring. The Ergo-Cloud VI™ Cooling Orthopaedic Neck Pillow is every human’s desire.

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Never have a rude awakening again


Endorsed by the Orthopaedic Advisory Singapore Health and Fitness Blog, this pillow is packed with the best technologies so that you may get your well deserved rest. 

A pillow that adapts to you


Equipped with Orthopaedic+ Cooling Gel Memory Foam that allows the pillow to effectively contour to your head, providing full support and preventing an improper posture.

sigmund home ergo cloud pillow

Say goodbye to sweaty sleep


Using the patented ultra soft and breathable Tencel fabric from U.K, bundled with Orthopaedic+ Cooling Gel Memory Foam, you’ll not only never break a sweat. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on the clouds!


A pillow that never loses shape

Unlike ordinary memory foam, Orthopaedic+ Cooling Gel Memory Foam bounces back 7 times faster than ordinary memory foam. A pillow that retains its shape for almost forever.

Technological airflow

Medium firm comfort

100% hypoallergenic

You’ve made it this far,

it’s time to make this pillow yours


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