Keeping you cool with puri-cool™

No, that isn’t air-conditioning. That’s how well our mattress works. Heat dissipation technology, at its best.

Pressure relieving with zonepro+

Providing the perfect support for your body, our mattress gives extra cushioning around protruding joints! As thoughtful as a lover, rest assured that your spine will always be kept aligned. 

Perfect Support for All Sleeping Positions


Here at Sigmund, we don’t judge! Whatever your sleeping position, our mattresses welcome you all and treat you equally, providing the comfort and support you need for the best sleep of your life, every single night.

Made for Singaporean Preferences


Our intensive research has enabled us to build mattresses specifically catering to Singaporean preferences — 7/10 firmness for the optimal blend of comfort and support.

0 Partner Disturbance

Zero Partner Disturbance


Your partner can toss and turn as much as they want, but you won’t feel a thing. Our vibration reducing pocket springs help absorb movement, and our visco-elastic memory foam and all-natural latex further cushion it.