Latex Mattress – Avoid Being a Victim to Online Product Misrepresentation

Our Natural Latex

Our mattress comes with a layer of 100% all natural latex harvested from rubber trees, free from harsh chemicals. Latex mattresses gives you the ultimate sleep experience, one that is similar to resting on clouds. They also have natural properties such as being hypo-allergenic, and dust mite and bed bug free.

How do you protect yourself against being a victim of latex misrepresentation? Read on to find out!

All Natural Latex vs Synthetic Latex


What is Synthetic Latex?

Synthetic Latex is simply regarded to us as fake latex. It is 100% man-made using polyurethane and petrochemicals, a type of plastic, to mimic the properties of natural latex. However, instead of replicating the properties, what they actually end up doing is to provide the opposite. 

Synthetic latex has a less bouncy effect and is less durable as compared to natural latex. It tears easily and it feels much rougher, thus not providing you the ‘sleep on cloud’ effect the natural latex actually can provide for. 

Synthetic latex also has a plastic like smell to it. Should you have a sensitive nose, you would probably grow sick of having to smell it at such close proximity on a nightly basis.

Another type of latex that is similar to synthetic latex is blended latex. Blended latex is a mixture of natural latex and other chemicals to produce a layer of foam that mimics the properties of natural latex, while only possessing a fraction percentage of natural latex.


What is All Natural Latex?

Natural latex is bouncy, springy, and responsive to your body. They are suitable for all sleeping positions, and they have great heat dissipation properties. Our Natural Latex is acquired from rubber trees, and then made into layers of foam that we use in our mattress. To further qualify ourselves, our factory has OEKO-TEX certification.

Oeko-Tex Certification is a globally renowned accreditation for the third party testing of materials pertaining to fabric and textile at all types of processing levels. This testing determines whether or not the products are free of harmful substances. 

Our factory renews its certification annually, through stringent test methods. It is also worth noting that random testing may sometimes be done on factories who are registered, to ensure consistency in the day to day production of our mattresses.

It is 100% impossible for any blended or synthetic latex material to receive such an accreditation, due to their inevitable component of petrochemicals.


The main differences – How to tell the difference?

The firmness of natural latex can last for more than 15 years, while synthetic latex tends to lose its firmness after 4 to 5 years. However, that is something that we won’t find out simply by browsing websites online, or at the respective mattress showrooms. 

A more definite way would be to take good note of the following:

  • Natural latex is firmer. If the mattress in the showroom feels soft, it is probably not 100% natural latex.
  • Natural latex is springy by nature. If you find that you sink in more than you can bounce, it is unlikely that you are resting on real latex.
  • Natural latex has no smell. Should you be able to smell a plastic like substance, then the mattress you are resting out definitely does not have any element of natural latex.
  • Natural latex will not disintegrate. Synthetic latex is easy to tear, and will end up flaky after 1 to 2 years.

Most online mattress brands are confident in providing a sleep trial because their mattresses can definitely outlive the trial period. Challenge the store to cut open a layer for you to examine. Should it not have a rubbery latex layer, you would have just saved yourself a couple of a hundred dollars!

At Sigmund Home, our hybrid mattresses does indeed have a real layer of all natural latex. We have mid-sections available in our showrooms for your viewing, at your convenience!