200 Night Risk Free Sleep Trial


Usually, websites selling mattresses without a showroom offer a 100 night sleep trial. This is done because you do not have the luxury of trying out the mattress. Therefore, you can purchase one, try it out, and return it for a full refund if you do not like it.

At Sigmund Home, we have a showroom and yet, we offer a 200 night sleep trial. This is how confident we are of our product. Our rate of returns is almost non-existent.

Upon receiving your new mattress, you will have 200 nights to try it out in the comfort of your bedroom. We believe that this is necessary because you definitely need to lie on the mattress for more than 5 minutes to determine if it is suitable for you. Most times, you need at least 3 months.

If the mattress is not right for you, fill up the form below, and input your order number in the ‘Subject’ field. We will then schedule a date to collect the mattress for disposal, and then provide you with a full refund.

Recently, we have discovered many cases of abuse. There have been individuals who purchased a mattress each from 4 to 5 stores, opting for a return every 3 months, so that they would have a free mattress to sleep on throughout their whole tenancy period.

To prevent such abuse, here is how the return would work:

  1. Submit your interest for a return via the form below
  2. We will respond to you with a date of pick up that will be 30 days from the day of your request.
  3. The refund will be processed 45 days from the date of pick up.
  4. During pick-up, our driver will assess the condition of the mattress. Mattresses with visible man-made and non-organic defects such as tears or openings will not be able to qualify for this return. It is important to note that purchases requiring a pick up for return due to a mistake in order are liable for a pick up fee and must be in good condition in order to be accepted by driver for return.